Tips For Sales Calls

Tips for Sales Calls


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Jennifer Suzuki, Northwood Florida Campus to Receive Outstanding Alumni Award


Jennifer Suzuki (1998) – Outstanding Alumni Leadership Award

After graduating from Northwood University in 1998, Jennifer Suzuki recognized the demand for detailed curriculum to assist automotive dealerships with internet marketing while employed at a company which offered web-based marketing resources to car dealers and manufacturers. Capitalizing on the necessity, she founded e-Dealer Solutions, Incorporated in January, 2002.


An award-winning training company, E-Dealer Solutions focuses on improving the communication processes of automotive salespeople as well as fine-tuning the operating processes of dealerships. It accomplishes this by teaching others its 21st century process of mastering the creation of more prospects in the business, and then converting them to profit producing sales, thus improving closing ratios.


Suzuki’s collective 18 years-experience encompasses a wide gamut of valuable industry know-how which includes sales training, the installation of Dealership Management Systems, converting internet leads, managing an internet sales division comprised of 28 dealerships, and more.


In addition to her proprietary training materials and educational content, Suzuki is a sought out seminar facilitator thanks to her reputation for delivering significant success in increasing the bottom line.


“We provide a modern approach to automotive sales training by focusing on increasing internet appointments that show on time, as today’s consumer has completed extensive internet research and prefers to contact the dealership through email or by phone versus the traditional method of visiting the dealership in person,” said Suzuki.


Suzuki is utilizing her entrepreneurial success to touch those beyond the automotive industry. As a recent SCORE Entrepreneur of the Year Awardee and National Business Woman Finalist, she has educated and inspired many. “There is nothing more rewarding than being contacted by a student or client elaborating on their financial success because of the encouragement I’ve lent and the systems, processes and business models that I’ve developed,” she said.


The Outstanding Alumni Leadership Award is given to an alumni whose Northwood degree has impacted their current success in their business and community and supports Northwood and the Northwood Idea.

Dealer’s Edge Webinar With Jennifer Suzuki: 21st Century Process for Closing More Sales – For Sales & Internet Managers!

You will learn:
-The proper staffing levels for your dealership sales departments
-Phone call structuring tips for all sales people
-How sales people can create ‘added value’
-A process for managers to wring more value from the add-on features of call tracking and CRM systems
-Plus 10 more Key Tips for dealership Sales and Internet managers

After you master the creation of more ‘ups’ – now guide your team to improved closing ratios!

Recently Jennifer Suzuki presented a smash hit Webinar on how to move prospects from email, to the phone and ultimately to a face-to-face appointment in the showroom. You learned how to create more qualified ‘ups’!

Now learn Jennifer’s 21st century process for improving your ability to convert that ‘up’ into a profit-producing sale. As Sales and Internet managers, you spend a lot of time and money creating those closing opportunities for your sales staff. Now learn Jennifer’s process to help transition your sales people to new levels of performance.

Original Air Date: October 25, 2012

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Going Pro in 2013: Personal & Professional Strategies toBuild a Healthy Income – November 29, 2012

DealerOn Webinar with Jennifer Suzuki, e-Dealer Solutions

With the goal of profitability in mind, this fast-paced 1 hour webinar is perfect for all Sales Consultants and BDC Representatives and will highlight:
* Goal Setting – learn how to map out consistent 20+ cars a month
* Time Management – take away a model that will help you focus and plan ahead
* CRM Organization – learn precise ways to save at least 1.5 hours in a workday so you can make more calls
* Training Tools – incorporate 3 key aspects to increase a strong mindset and lasting career
* Social Image – learn ways to grow your own leads and close more prospects

You owe it to yourself to see how you can make more money in 2013!

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5 Manager Strategies Guaranteed to Boost Sales TODAY!

DealerOn Webinar With Jennifer Suzuki, e-Dealer Solutions – July 26, 2012

With the goal of profitability in mind, this fast-paced 1 hour webinar will highlight:

• Take away items to instantly improve sales team’s performance and processes.
• Benchmarks in your processes to more effectively manage a 21st century sales team
• Easy-to-implement actions for sales training, one-on-one coaching and daily management.



Jennifer Suzuki, Keynote Speaker @ SCORE Business Conference

I had the privilege of speaking to a crowd of 500 local business owners on  utilizing a resource of talented business owners as mentors.  Entrepreneurship is not for everyone and presents many challenges when attempting to take your skill sets and prior work experience to a business you create.  You may be really good at what you know:  your product or service.  However, you may need assistance or an expert opinion to further develop skills you may not be so knowledgeable about or even good at!  SCORE has helped me develop a successful company that grows every year.  We have tripled our revenues, tripled our employees and tripled the amount of companies we utilize to further enhance our products and services.  SCORE not only helped me but helps our local business who in turn contribute with taxes paid into cities, states and our nations growth.  The volunteers that make up SCORE are high level CEO’s, business owners, achievers and people who dedicate their time to help people like me succeed.

Social Media in Car Dealerships – Getting Started

Socail NetworksWhen a business decides to dive in, there are many challenges to tackle such as:  public relations, legal, compliance, customer service, retention, reputation, brand identity, authenticity and transparency.  With so many vast and wide areas to consider, corporations today must have processes and dedicated people in place with set protocols and courses of action.  At the same time, the people you select to manage the feedback and communications in posts, blogs, forums, and so forth must have common sense and the ability to make sound judgement calls on the fly.  There is a lot at stake for a brand when it comes to social media and lets face it, your responses can be held against you in a court of law.

With all of these key factors, lets take this environment to the dealership level.  How does a dealership without a dedicated professional that handles social media communications avoid a lawsuit, a tarnished reputation, a disgruntled customer, and even a lost sale?  This is a real challenge, isn’t it?

At best, most dealerships do not have a concrete, on paper, social media strategy.  I would suggest this is the first approach you take.  Determining protocols for customer questions, comments, complaints are all important to respond to in a timely manner.  A timely manner is one business day; expect this number to decrease in time.  Who will handle product and availability questions?  Who will handle service complaints?  Who will handle positive feedback about sales managers and salespeople?  Who will handle sales department complaints?  Lots of questions to figure out.  When you dedicate personnel to these areas, you begin to formulate a game plan.  Without this, there is doubt and uncertainty equating to lack of responses and diminished reputation.

Best case scenario, dealerships hire a full-time, social media professional.  This position  will become one of the hottest and most needed positions in the dealership.  It’s already at that point and progressive dealers are already getting a jumpstart on their competition.  You must ask yourself, how important is our multi-million dollar brand, our brand management, reputation and community perception?

There are so many social media sites that you must know about, be a part of and use on a daily basis.  So where do you start?  In my opinion, salespeople must build their identity, credibility and reputation on sites like:,, and  Yes, I understand your concerns Mr. Dealer!  But, you can’t control everything and all content!  You must have company guidelines and standards for how these sources are used with your customers.  You have to recognize that people want to buy from people.  These people are communicating on these sites.  Know your customer.

The dealership should be heavily involved in a company blog (,,,,,,,, places…just to name a few.
Generation Y is on the rise and is one of the most important buyer segments to understand and market to.  This group of buyers is huge!  They choose non-traditional (seemingly traditional already) means to communicate and their expectations when buying a car are vastly different than we have experienced in the past.  They may not be as interested in buying a car as we would like them to be now but we must nurture for the short and long haul.  Their preferred method to communicate might include, texting vs. talking on the phone.  They might like chat better than email.  We have to start communicating in more effective ways!

Start your social media strategy with a hard copy, on paper, game plan.  Get connected.  Get your dealership rules in place.  Be ready for the next level, there is soooo much more!

The 21st Century Sales Manager

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Appearing on panel April 5 at NY International Auto Show

I will join an impressive group of speakers on April 5, 2012 at the NY International Auto Show sponsored bMercedes-Benz USA, Greater New York Auto Show, and Northwood University.  Collectively, we will address social media questions about participating, branding, Facebook and other social outlets, CGM, integrating social media into your business, and many business strategies.  The monies raised will fund educational scholorships through the Women’s Automotive Association International (  To register and learn more about the event go to


Moderator: Ian G. Beavis, Nielsen Global Automotive

Melissa Newell, Mercedes-Benz USA, LLC

Jennifer Suzuki, e-Dealer Solutions

Lemore Hecht, The Hertz Corporation

Lisa Coffey, LinkedIn

Kim Kyaw, Jaguar Land Rover North America

Hedy Popson, Productions Plus/ The Talent Shop

Article: Handle with Care Safe handling instructions for your reputation online

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It’s Time for a Sales Revolution


Tips for dealers wary of tomorrow

by Jennifer Suzuki, eDealer Solutions

For the last ten years, I’ve spent about three weeks out of every month helping dealerships all over the country adjust to the tidal wave of change facing our industry. What have I learned? 

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Webinar: Distinguish Your Dealership with Email and Phone

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Article: Quick Interview with Jennifer Suzuki right before Digital Dealer

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